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Multiple Markets | Negotiating Ability | Loss Info | 24-hour claims | Official Documents
Claims Advocacy | Payment Plans
Service Calls | Consultation | Policy Reviews
Special Programs
| Loss Control | Representatives | Forms of Insurance | Office Hours

Multiple Markets
We have direct access to more than 20 Insurance Companies and to more than 50 others through industry outlets.

Negotiating Ability regarding Price
and Product

We communicate our insured’s needs and desires to our Insurance Companies and are in a position to influence their insurance offerings. Individual Insurance Companies compete for prominence in our agency.

Provide Loss Information
We can help our insured track their own performance. Patterns of losses may become evident by reviewing computer-generated loss histories. This information can dovetail into a loss control program.

24-Hour Claims Service Lines
Many of our carriers have 24 Hour claims reporting services, which speeds the process of getting the check into our insured’s hands. It can give a little peace of mind to know that a claim is being worked on as soon as it occurs.

Certificates of Insurance, Vehicle ID cards,
and State Filings

Financial, municipal and governmental institutions, business licensing entities, and General Contractors/Owners, among others, may require these items by law so our insureds may operate their business.

Claims Advocacy
We are available to advocate for our insureds in claims situations. We help make the claims process a fair and speedy one.

Arrangement of Payment Plans or Financing
of Premiums

We have many competitive finance companies. We also know which Insurance Companies have direct bill or agency installment options without finance charges.

Prearranged Service Call Schedule
We visit our insureds based upon the schedule they request. Communication of their expectations is very important to us.

Insurance Consultation
We offer risk management ideas to address specific risks and exposures. Sometimes insurance is not the only or best option.

Ongoing Policy Review
We review our insured’s policies on an ongoing basis to verify that the coverages requested of the Insurance Company are provided accurately. This also includes the accuracy of Named Insureds, Mortgagees, Loss Payable clauses, location addresses, etc.

Special Programs for certain Classes
of Business

We have many special programs specifically designed and tailored to meet the individual needs of certain types of businesses. Most include many additional coverages at no additional charge.

Loss Control Services
We can arrange for a broad range of onsite loss control services, including property inspections, ergonomic analysis, managed care services, Motor Vehicle Records, etc. This may help prevent or reduce losses and the disruptions they can cause, and to help our insured be a more profitable account; these are the ones over which our Insurance Companies aggressively compete.

Licensed Commercial and
Personal Service Representatives

We have a specially trained staff devoted to meet the servicing needs of our customers. The average number of years of insurance experience per employee is over 10 years!

All Forms of Insurance
As Independent Agents, we have access to almost any type of policy you may need – from Commercial Property/Liability Insurance to Health & Life Insurance to Personal Home & Auto Insurance – from the commonplace to the obscure.

Convenient Office Hours
It is the norm rather than the exception that there is someone in the office to help you from very early in the morning until after normal closing time, including Saturdays from 9-12 p.m. We are not closed during lunch. Also, arrangements can be made for appointments outside of office hours.

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